21 de julio de 2024

Fogueres of San Juan 2024

The Fogueres of San Juan, one of the most emblematic festivals in Alicante, are celebrated annually from June 20 to 24. This event, declared of International Tourist Interest, combines tradition, art, and a festive atmosphere that attracts thousands of visitors each year. In 2024, the Bonfires promise to be more spectacular than ever, with a series of activities and events that you cannot miss.

History and Origins of the Bonfires

The Beginnings of a Tradition

The Fogueres of San Juan have their roots in ancient pagan rituals that celebrated the summer solstice. Over time, these rituals transformed into a Christian festival dedicated to Saint John the Baptist. The tradition of burning bonfires on the night of June 24 symbolizes purification and rebirth.

Fogueres of San Juan

Schedule of Events 2024

Proclamation and Plantà

June 20 marks the official start of the Bonfires with the proclamation, followed by the plantà, when the bonfire monuments are installed in the streets of Alicante. These monuments, created by local artists, are true works of art that satirize current society and politics.

Parades and Acts

Ninot Parade

The Ninot parade is one of the most anticipated moments. During this event, each bonfire committee presents its ninot, a figure that seeks to be spared from the fire. The spared ninots are displayed in the Museo de Fogueres.

Flower Offering

The flower offering to the Virgin of Remedy is an emotional act where the people of Alicante dress in traditional costumes and offer flowers to their patroness. This parade colors the streets with a mosaic of flowers and devotion.

The Night of the Cremà

June 24 culminates the festival with the cremà, the burning of the monuments. At midnight, the bonfires burn in a spectacle of fire and pyrotechnics, illuminating the city and marking the end of the celebration.

Gastronomy and Traditions

Typical Dishes

During the Bonfires, gastronomy plays a fundamental role. Some typical dishes include coca amb tonyina (tuna pie) and les bacores (figs). These delicacies reflect the rich culinary tradition of the region.

Barracas and Racós

The barracas and racós are spaces where the bonfire committees and neighbors gather to eat, drink, and dance. These places are open to the public and offer a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere.

hogueras de Alicante

Safety and Tips for Visitors

General Recommendations

To fully enjoy the Bonfires of San Juan, it is essential to follow some safety recommendations. It is important to stay hydrated, use sunscreen, and be careful with fireworks and crowds.

Accessibility and Transport

Alicante offers special transport services during the Bonfires, including additional buses and trams. It is recommended to use public transportation to avoid parking problems and facilitate access to the different activities.

The Fogueres of San Juan 2024 in Alicante are a celebration that combines tradition, art, and community. This event offers a unique experience that attracts not only locals but also tourists from all over the world. With a program full of exciting activities, this year's Bonfires promise to be unforgettable. Don't miss them!

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